Sketch Club EAST

Mark McDonnell formed this division where after lunch, Sketch Club EAST identifies a person of interest, usually for their unique or distinct characteristics too. The subject is briefly studied without drawing. Once back from lunch and back at the drawing board, the subject is drawn from memory. (Due to the sucess of The Sketch Club, this division was formed . . .thank you Marcelo, Steve, Marcos, and paved the way!)

Friday, January 06, 2006

An Oldie but Goodie, literally!!!

After having a rusty start to a new year, the Sketch Club EAST members did a bit of nice sketches to start the New Year. And as the time drew near to choose our mark for the day, we chose a beauty off the front bow: a muscle man with calves the size of my head and a slight bald patch, (in cargo shorts to say the least), easily guiding the infamous Costco cart one-handed into our memory banks. With a nod and a quick set of hand shakes, we were off to go back to work. THEN with our eyes bulging and with a child's goofy grin, this BEAUTY shuffled out across the grounds. Without a word we all nodded for this guy was our true mark!



Blogger Patrick Morgan said...

Nice man. I thought his coat was red though. Great drawing. A lot of character

2:52 AM  
Blogger Mark McDonnell said...

You're right man . . . and I made the glasses round. DOH! Pretty fun man, lovin' this!!!


8:40 AM  

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