Sketch Club EAST

Mark McDonnell formed this division where after lunch, Sketch Club EAST identifies a person of interest, usually for their unique or distinct characteristics too. The subject is briefly studied without drawing. Once back from lunch and back at the drawing board, the subject is drawn from memory. (Due to the sucess of The Sketch Club, this division was formed . . .thank you Marcelo, Steve, Marcos, and paved the way!)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sorry its so late fellas.


Blogger David Colman said...

its worth the wait....the reflective lighting is fantabulous!!! ...brilliant buddy....

now where's chad??

11:36 AM  
Blogger Mark McDonnell said...

DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE! Really really nice man. Great feel and energy . . . and . . .love the hand. He seems a bit more aggresive than I remember . . .but, I think it was brewing on the inside from the start!


2:33 PM  

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